Constant Temperature Water Bath LCTW-A10

Constant Temperature Water Bath LCTW-A10 is 2.5 L microprocessor controlled water bath. Equipped with a single row and single hole the temperature controller maintains temperature accuracy within ± 0.5℃. Exceeding temperature tracking alarm provides reliable sample protection. Safety features include a low liquid level switch, temperature limit warning and a high temperature cut-off.

Model EZL-U1
Photometry Single Beam
Monochromator type Czerny-turner
Detector Silicon photocell
Wavelength setting 0.002 Abs
Wavelength range Manual turn knob
Wavelength range 200 – 1000nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 2nm
Wavelength repeatability ≤ 1nm
Spectrum bandwidth 4nm
Stray light ≤ 0.1% T (at 220nm Nal, 360nm NaNo₂)
Photometric range 0-100.0%T, 0-1.999A, 0-1999C

Sample compartment for 5 – 50mm cuvettes

Precise automatic T/A changeover

Automatic zero and full scale adjustment

Direct concentration read-out and factor setting function

Equipped with RS232 port & USB port

High quality silicon photometric diode

Automatic 0A and 100%T

Space saving compact and fine design

Low noise and low stray light

Ease of access to change Pre-aligned lamps

This device adopts an advanced proportional single beam optical system that meets the need of daily analysis, scientific and research industries, Industrial R&D, quality control, academic research and pharmaceuticals.

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